Sánchez announces that the state of alarm will end on May 9 and trusts that 33 million people will be vaccinated in August

Vaccines, optimism, confidence, economic recovery, reconstruction ... The beginning of the end of the pandemic is near, according to the speech that the President of the Government has made in La Moncloa at the end of the Council of Ministers. Pedro Sánchez reappeared in his most enthusiastic version of COVID-19. The last time he was seen was on February 26 on the steps of the presidential complex and to give an account of the result of a European Council. Today he has done it, at the gates of an electoral campaign in Madrid, to announce a shower of vaccines with which to irrigate Spain that will accelerate the rate of vaccination and have 33 million Spaniards immunized, according to his "more conservative" calculation in August. Also to convey that the Government does not intend to extend the current state of alarm beyond next May 9.

The Ayuso government tried to buy the Russian vaccine outside of Spain and the European Union

The Ayuso government tried to buy the Russian vaccine outside of Spain and the European Union

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"The objective is that it is not necessary to extend the alarm stage. We want May 9 to be the end point of the state of alarm," he said to delegate to the Interterritorial Council, where the Executive and the communities are represented, the management of any regrowth that could occur beyond that date.

The calendar advanced by Pedro Sánchez foresees that in the week of May 3 there will be 5 million compatriots vaccinated with the complete schedule and 10 in the first week of June. "In total we have contracted more than 87 million doses between April and September. This will allow us to ensure that any compatriot can be vaccinated in that period," he insisted.

The president took the opportunity to ugly the Community of Madrid and its president who probed last February, according to ABC, the purchase of the Sputnik vaccine, with intermediaries of the Russian product, outside the European circuits. In this sense, he requested seriousness, loyalty and solidarity from the tenant of Puerta del Sol, not without first remembering that the serum that Ayuso intended to buy is still under evaluation by the European health authorities and does not, therefore, have the community validation.

Beyond that, the chief executive was sure that we are "at the end of the nightmare" and predicted that "there is already less, much less than we could imagine in the hardest moments of this calamity." Even so, he asked that his guard not be lowered and that one last effort be made, despite the "fatigue and impatience" he understood that a majority of Spaniards are going through.


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