July 27, 2021

Sanchez announces a royal decree for the bank to pay the tax on mortgages from now on

Sanchez announces a royal decree for the bank to pay the tax on mortgages from now on


The president of government, Pedro Sanchez, announced this morning that the Government will immediately approve a Royal Decree Law that will amend Article 29 of the Law that regulates the tax on property transfers and the one known as the tax on mortgages so that "Never again the Spaniards pay this tax and the financial sector pays it".

The Tax on Documented Legal Acts (AJD) that is paid when the mortgage is formalized as a notarial deed. Currently it is on loan to the autonomous communities, which have protests to collect the tribute. Yesterday, the Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, cifró in 5,000 million of euros the amount that the group of regions would be forced to pay if the Supreme Court had decided that the bank had to pay it retroactively for four years.

After the decision of the plenary of the Contentious-Administrative Chamber that opted to maintain the jurisprudence of the last two decades, against the sentence of October 16, Sanchez has met this morning in Moncloa with the Vice President of the Government, Carmen Calvo , the Minister of Development, José Luis Ábalos, the Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, and the Minister of Economy, Nadia Calviño. At that meeting the final decision has been made to promote a legislative change.

In an urgent press conference this morning and before the Council of Ministers to be held tomorrow Thursday, the President of the Government has announced that there will be no retroactivity and that it will apply "as of its entry into force."

The Government has acted with haste urged by the pressure of Podemos, the most forceful in its criticism of the Supreme, to the point of having convened a demonstration at the seat of the Supreme next Saturday. In fact, a few minutes after Sánchez's intervention, Pablo Iglesias has published a tweet in which he assures that the measure of the Executive "is not enough".

"The Government's proposal is" from tomorrow pay the bank. " It's fine but it's not enough. You have to legislate to do what section II of room III of the TS said: return the families their money and the banks pay what they owe. This is what we propose in the Congress ", pointed the leader of the purple formation.

The president of Citizens, Albert Rivera, has given free access to the Government and said he will support "the quickest solution."


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