Sánchez and Iglesias attack the PP for the transfuguismo while the motion of censure is debated in Murcia

Murcia sneaks into the control session of the Government in Congress while it began its debate in the regional Assembly of the motion of censure against Fernando López Miras. Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias have attacked the PP for the transfuguismo that they have promoted in the Region to retain the Executive thanks to the support of three defected deputies of Ciudadanos who signed the motion of censure together with the PSOE and subsequently unchecked in exchange for entering the the Government of the PP -of which until that moment the party of Inés Arrimadas had also been part-. The number two of Pablo Casado, Teodoro García Egea, has claimed responsibility for the operation, which he piloted in his capacity as general secretary, and has assured that “all of Spain calls it dignity.”

Sánchez calls on Casado to stay in Genoa:

Sánchez calls on Casado to stay in Genoa: “Save the move, they represent the worst version of the PP”

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“While 300 people died that day from COVID, you conspired to change the governments of Murcia, Madrid and Castilla y León,” he reproached Sánchez Pablo Casado, who was the first to bring up the matter in the control session at Government just a week after PSOE and Ciudadanos registered motions of censure in the community and the Murcia City Council against the PP.

“Now that he brings up Madrid and Murcia,” the president began in his reply, “you have represented continuity and change. Continuity in the bad arts, in the lack of respect for your partners, in this case to Citizens; in the transfuguismo, which is corruption, Mr. Egea, “said Sánchez, referring to the murderer of the Murcian operation.

The general secretary of the PP has responded to the allusion by claiming: “What he calls transfuguismo, all of Spain calls him dignity.” Egea has also recriminated the Socialists who have promoted a motion of censure when their leader in the region, Diego Conesa, is “accused of prevarication” in a case for allegedly not having issued a traffic fine that affected the IU leader when he was mayor of Totana. Conesa had precisely resigned from being part of the government that Ciudadanos would preside over until the judicial situation was resolved.

Egea has spoken like this during his ‘face to face’ with the second vice president, Pablo Iglesias, who has also criticized him for transfuguism. “As a good general secretary of the PP, you have dedicated yourself to buying Citizens’ deputies. Allow me a question, how did you get the money? Have you got it or has a builder given it to you?”

“Things with people who have dignity and principles are not done that way,” replied the conservative leader. “I know that you need to steal the SIM, put a newspaper on it, use it is not clear what funds to have a chalet in Galapagar. “. “We always do things out of principle and our only desire is to be better for Spain,” he defended himself.


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