Sánchez and his ministers raise their salaries by 2% like the officials, which they rejected for the deputies




The Executive has decided that the 2% salary increase agreed for officials also applies to the president and his ministers, an update that, instead, was rejected a few weeks ago in Congress and the Senate for deputies and senators. The 2021 budget project also included an increase in the salaries of the members of the Government, but the PSOE and Podemos rectified in the process of amendments and in the end their salary was frozen as well as parliamentarians.

Now, in the General State Budgets that the Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, has just presented, The agreed salary increase for civil servants is applied again to the Executive, which by 2022 is 2%.

According to the bill registered in the Chamber, the salary of the Prime Minister will go from 84,845.16 euros per year to 86,542.08 euros, which represents an increase of 1,696.92 euros more than this year. As you are not entitled to extraordinary payments, your monthly salary will increase at 7,211.84 euros.

Likewise, the annual salary of the three vice presidents of the Government (Nadia Calviño, Yolanda Díaz and Teresa Ribera) also rises to 81,341.16 euros per year compared to the 79,746.24 euros they have been receiving. This is a monthly salary of 6,778.43 euros gross, since they do not have payments either.

For its part, the ministers of the coalition government will see their annual salary increased to 76,355.28 euros gross, which means a monthly salary of 6,362.94 euros.

Not for deputies

The 2% rise that does apply to the president and ministers was rejected in Congress and the Senate For the parliamentarians and precisely United We Can was the one who most stood out against him, advancing his rejection in the Lower House Table. «Advancement that United We can vote against it. We do not see it necessary, “said the spokesman for the ‘morados’, Pablo Echenique.

As for the secretaries of state and undersecretaries, which last year got rid of the salary freeze, in the 2022 Budgets they have now seen their salaries increased by another 2%.

Secretaries of state and undersecretaries

The secretaries of state, who are the second in the ministerial ladder, will receive 74,892.12 euros per year, the undersecretaries of state will be above 66,398 euros and general directors and assimilated They will charge 56,773.26 euros per year, adding the salary, the destination supplement and the specific supplement. Unlike the ministers, these senior officials do also receive extraordinary payments in June and December.

Other organisms

A 2% salary increase is also contemplated for the pResident of the Council of State, María Teresa Fernández de la Vega, who in 2022 will receive 86,900.76 euros, and for the president of the Economic and Social Council (CES), Antón Costas, who will have an annual salary of 94,937.04 euros. Both saw their salary frozen in 2021 with the last minute amendment of PSOE and Podemos.

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