April 14, 2021

Sánchez and Grynspan launch a new Ibero-American scholarship program

Sánchez and Grynspan launch a new Ibero-American scholarship program

Grynspan has explained that short-stay scholarships will be awarded to students in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Specifically, 60 percent will go to women "because the gender gap in these professions is huge."

"We are talking about technical capabilities, but I think it is also fundamental to vindicate and defend gender equality and encourage these scholarships to have more beneficiaries than beneficiaries, because that is nothing more than positive discrimination," Sanchez said.

The head of the SEGIB has indicated that this program is part of the Ibero-American Campus project, an "Ibero-American Erasmus" that has been forged in the different summits and that has already favored the mobility of 20,000 students, professors and researchers of the region.

The goal, as pointed out, is to continue moving towards the construction of a common space of higher education where the mobility of talent in the classrooms and in the companies of the 22 countries that make up the Ibero-American community is favored.

Grynspan highlighted the great opportunity that this initiative offers "two out of every three Latin American students who are still the first generation of their family to come to the university".

"The vast majority of these students do not have a passport, they have never left their country, so this opportunity (to train outside) is what will make the difference", has praised Costa Rican politics.

The Ibero-American General Secretariat has expressed its gratitude to Spain for helping this regional campus to "take a giant step" by contributing one million euros to the scholarship fund of the SEGIB and the Carolina Foundation.

Sanchez, for his part, has ratified Spain's commitment to these initiatives, which, as Fernando de los Ríos has said, allow "young people in Latin America" ​​to be given "moral resources" so that they can prosper.


Hours before, the Spanish president delivered the Youth Awards convened by the International Youth Organization for Ibero-America (OIJ), where he urged young people to "reclaim the value of the common."

Sánchez has encouraged the new generations to put collective values ​​before personal values ​​because "individualism has led to an egoism that has broken ties of coexistence and social cohesion".

He has thus vindicated the concept of "community", inviting "to work with a lot of humility", since "there is a lot of arrogance, there is plenty of arrogance". "And that does not mean not having criteria, but respect those who think differently (…) and reach a meeting point," he said.

Sanchez has stressed the importance of the community "in societies as polarized as we are living, where the thick line often prevails", even in "the political statements that are being made by the leaders".


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