Sánchez acknowledges that the emeritus king should give explanations

Pedro Sánchez raises the tone before the scandals of the former head of state at a time when the Prosecutor’s Office has pointed to the file of the investigation into his fortune without actually denouncing him. The Prime Minister has admitted that the King Emeritus should give explanations. “In my opinion, yes. It would be convenient for King Juan Carlos to say, indeed, what is his opinion on all these facts that are disturbing information, “he has sentenced in an interview in La Sexta.

The Government sets itself the imminent challenge to overturn the labor reform after approving the most expansive accounts

The Government sets itself the imminent challenge to overturn the labor reform after approving the most expansive accounts

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The president has defended that the news about the opaque money of Juan Carlos I “in the end undermines the confidence of the Spanish people in the institutions.” “This is very counterproductive even for the good things he did during his reign,” he said.

In any case, Sánchez has ensured that the Prosecutor’s Office and the Tax Agency have acted with the former head of State in the same way that they would have done with any other citizens. “We are not doing any exercise of favoritism,” he said. “All Spaniards are treated before the Tax Agency, the Prosecutor’s Office and the Judicial Power, if in the end that happens, in the same way,” Sánchez asserted.

The socialist leader has not hidden his discomfort with the figure of the former head of state who, as he has affirmed, made the decision “with the Royal House” to go to the United Arab Emirates and has assured that he has no information about his eventual return to Spain. What he has once again expressed is his support for Felipe VI, who insisted on highlighting “the commitment to regeneration, transparency and exemplarity.” A year ago, Sánchez assured that Zarzuela was working on measures aimed at greater transparency, but it has not been consummated for the moment.

Sánchez has also commented on the agreement that the Government and the PP have reached this Thursday to renew constitutional bodies that have their mandate expired. The president has celebrated it, but has asked Pablo Casado to “make an effort” to extend the renewal agreement to the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ) and which for now is limited to has celebrated the agreement reached between PP and PSOE to renew four institutions with their expired mandate to the Constitutional Court, the Data Protection Agency, the Ombudsman and the Court of Accounts.

“It makes no sense to unblock four institutions (…) -I appreciate it, I recognize the effort [ha dicho sobre Casado]- and let’s not do the same with the Judicial Power ”, he has expressed. He has also been hopeful that after this first agreement that of the governing body of the judges will be closer: “I would like to think so.” “I would like to ask you not to do a reading of the advantageous legality and that, if the Constitution mandates us to carry out this renewal of the Judiciary every so often, which is five years, we also do it in the next few days,” he said.

However, he has ruled out changing the law so that the judges elect their governing body, as required by the PP. “The PP has a large minority,” he said after recalling that the conservatives have twice raised this legal amendment in Congress and it has been rejected. The president has also explained that the judges already propose names for the Courts to ratify them in the election of the Judicial Power.

Sánchez, who has lowered his tone with the opposition chief considerably after that agreement, has nevertheless reproached him for blaming him for the insults and boos he received in the military parade on October 12 instead of condemning them. “Yesterday you heard what the street says about you”, Married in Congress told him.

“It seems to me a mistake [ha respondido el presidente]. Are you endorsing what? The insults to the presidency of the Government ?. “I respect freedom of expression but the insults are outside of democracy,” said Sánchez, who has acknowledged that “personally no one likes to be insulted”, despite assuming that in that parade it is common for them to boo to the presidents of the left, as he said in Parliament.

The socialist, who hopes that ERC will end up supporting the budgets, has rejected the words of the Madrid president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, who has accused the Executive of “stealing” from Madrid. “Mrs. Ayuso, for a long time, has been confronting the Government of Spain in everything. Every time I say A she says B; if I say B she says A. This is an electoral strategy. She knows perfectly well that the Government is betting on Madrid in investments but also in policies, “replied the president, who has referred to scholarships, housing aid, dependency or health.

Regarding the imputation of the former Foreign Minister Arancha González Laya for the entry into Spain of the leader of the Polisario Front Brahim Ghalli, Sánchez has assured that they did “well” and recalled that the reception was due to humanitarian reasons because it was a person that he was going to pass away. The president trusts that the courts will agree with them.

“They will know”. That has been his answer about the signing of the socialist Antonio Miguel Carmona by Iberdrola, that has not sat well in the PSOE. “I am not the one to tell a company who it has or not to hire,” he said in an interview in La Sexta. “They will know”, he repeated before finishing: “I am not subject to any pressure or any lobby.”

Sánchez has assured that it is due to a broad social majority in which he has included citizens, businessmen, freelancers, workers or the industry. Thus, it has ensured that The Government will not apply the decree that cuts “profits from the sky” to electricity companies that apply “reasonable prices”.


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