January 26, 2021

San Roque creates a Tumor Advisory Committee – The Province

San Roque creates a Tumor Advisory Committee - The Province

San Roque Hospitals has created the first Multidisciplinary Tumor Advisory Committee in the Canary Islands, a body with the highest objective of bringing together the different specialists involved in the diagnosis and treatment of different neoplasms, reported Thursday from the Gran Canarian clinic.

The creation of this type of committees is necessary to achieve the Maximum efficiency, safety and quality in the treatment of this type of diseases since the oncology is in continuous advance and only the cohesion of all the knowledge of all the professionals will contribute the best and more updated of the final results, they extended by means of press note from San Roque.

This clinical committee of San Roque Hospitals is composed of medical specialists in surgery, radiology, pathology, nuclear medicine, medical oncology, radiotherapy oncology, gynecology, palliative medicine, that is, all those professionals involved in the management of this pathology.

It has been decided to start with the breast pathology due to its important prevalence in our environment, in addition to scientific and social experience and recognition, detailed from San Roque before predicting the medium-term constitution of other committees that encompass other types of cancer such as digestive pathology, as the island clinic is also presented as reference center.

The Committee meetings are weekly by the number of patients before and / or after surgery, so the agility to shorten the response times to the problems is necessary, continued the same sources before considering the operation of the organ simple, despite the complication of combining the doctors' agendas to dedicate time to the preparation and attendance at the meetings.

The doctor responsible for the patient proposes the case or cases to discuss them together with the entire multidisciplinary team through all the clinical and radiological information available so that the decision of the treatment or actions to be followed, which finally falls on the responsible doctor, is the most appropriate following the recommendations of the committee advisory.

In the case of the breast, the image studies of the patient will be presented: mammography, ultrasound, resonance, PET, biopsies and their anatomopathological results and after explaining the difficulties of the case, if there were any, they will be discussed and the most recommendable criteria will be established following the updated guides and protocols between all the members of the committee.

Although the final decision corresponds to the responsible physician, usually, it is usually consistent with the initial proposal in the presentation of the case, highlighted from Hospital San Roque before concluding that it is always to seek the best customized solution for each patient according to scientific evidence and professional knowledge.


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