October 20, 2020

San Pablo Burgos makes history by winning its first title against AEK Athens

Rice and Rivero fight a ball.

Rice and Rivero fight a ball.

He Inheritance of San Pablo Burgos has been proclaimed champion of Basketball Champions League by beating AEK Athens 85-74 after coming back from a bad first quarter.

The external success served those of Joan Peñarroya to win the first European title in his first continental participation and make history of the basketball. The match had a clear dominance in the first half, as AEK entered the game better (3-9) with an unstoppable Keith Langford that put the first advantage for the Greeks based on easy points.

All Burgos errors were transformed into points for AEK, especially with the entry of Tyrese Rice, unstoppable for Joan Peñarroya’s men who went into the break with a 14-24 disadvantage.

The second quarter completely changed the rhythm of the game, as the Hereda San Pablo Burgos of the first half disappeared giving way to a team that had practically total success from the triple and scored 35 points in a quarter.

Omar Cook with four triples almost in a row, supported by the defense of Miquel Salvo put the tie at 31 points on the scoreboard, while Ilias Papatheodorou put Langford back on the field.

The Burgos stopped the MVP of the regular league this season and that was when they appeared Thad McFadden and Ken Horton, from the triple forcing the Greek team to stop the game (42-35). The azulones were not going to stop because they wanted to make history by winning the match and with a very choral game, they went to rest with an advantage of 13 points (49-36).

Defense and exterior success were once again the key for Joan Peñarroya’s men to continue their particular points climb (56-41). The AEK player Marcus Slaugther had to retire off the pitch due to knee problems after a fall that, together with personal fouls by Vlado Jankovic, left the Hellenes in trouble.

Those of Peñarroya and their idyll with the triple were running out of time while they took out of the match the Greeks who could not cope with the Burgos offensive who left with 15 triples, at the end of the third quarter and an advantage that allowed Peñarroya to relax (68-49).

Slaugther returned to the field, leaving his fall in a scare, which gave more defensive intensity to AEK than together with the entrance of Matt Lojeski they reduced the distance with four triples in a row (75-61).

After Joan Peñarroya’s time-out, the two teams were exchanging baskets maintaining an income of 13 points (83-70), although the Hereda San Pablo Burgos had some inaccuracies in the absence of two minutes that served the Greeks to come up. With nothing to lose, the Greeks became more intense so as not to let the Burgos team score easily, but the income was enough and the Burgos made history by beating AEK 85-74.

Data sheet

85-San Pablo Burgos (14 + 35 + 19 + 17): Dejan Kravic (1), Vitor Benite (11), Jasiel Rivero (2), Xavi Rabaseda (5), Alex Renfroe (11) – starting five- Kareem Queeley (-), Alex Barrera (), Miquel Salvó (12), Thad McFadden (12), Jordan Sakho (2), Omar Cook (15) and Ken Horton (8).

74-AEK (24 + 12 + 13 + 25): Yannick Moreira (5), Keith Langford (11), Vlado Jankovic (1), Linos Chrysikopoulos (8), Nikos Gkikas (5) -starting five- Tyrese Rice (15), Jonas Maciulis (6), Nikos Zisis (4), Matt Lojeski (9), Nikos Rogkavopoulos (), Darion Atkins () and Marcus Slaughter (8).

Referees: Manuel Mazzioni (Italy), Yohan Rosso (France), Eddie Viator (France).

Incidents: Final of the Basketball Champions League held at the OAKA Olympic Indoor Hall in Athens (Greece) behind closed doors.


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