June 5, 2020

San Mateo goes back and then beats a tough San Fernando – La Provincia

Saint Matthew: Alex; Raul, Jael (Borja, 65 '), Pedro, Juanma; Godoy, Nano (Braulio, 63 '), Miguel, Dailos (Julen, 79'), Gabri and Felipe.

San Fernando: Fermín (Carlos, 73 '); Andrés, Fran, Stephane, Pablo; Maykel, Alejo, Fuli (Ojeda, 61 '); Quintero, Ayoze (Echedey, 59 ') and Abraham.

Goals: 0-1.- (2 '): Quintero. 1-1.- (19 '); Elder brother. 1-2.- (64 '): Abraham. 2-2.- (70 '): Dailos, of penalty. 3-2.- (83 '): Braulio. 4-2.- (85 '): Borja.

Referee: José Elías Mendoza Godoy. He admonished local players Godoy, Miguel and Dailos, and visitors Pablo, Fuli, Abraham and Ojeda.

The San Mateo achieved three golden points in his confrontation yesterday against a tough San Fernando. The host team won the victory after tracing an adverse score twice, thus demonstrating its improvement in the game and its scoring effectiveness. Meanwhile, visitors lost an unbeatable opportunity to sleep as leaders of the Canary group of Third.

The first part concluded with a goal draw and the game turned around after the break. After the tie to two, after converting a Dailos penalty, in the final minutes the team led by Juan Carlos Socorro turned to look for the win.

This allowed them to achieve two new goals, which would end up giving the victory. The first through Braulio, after a rejection in the area; and the last one of Borja, after picking up a ball that was repelled by the crossbar.

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