San Antonio Abad, affiliated to UGT, travels Trigueros in the rain of food

The image of the patron of Trigeros (Huelva), San Antonio Abad, which has the peculiarity of being affiliated with UGT, has spent more than eight hours touring the streets of the town, in a procession that will last for about 30 hours, launching the neighbors In its wake tons of food.

The procession of San Antonio, as usual every last Sunday of January, has begun around 13.30 after the blessing of the animals, the celebration of the mass and the traditional "delivery" to the town of the patron, from the mayor, Cristóbal Romero.

It is expected to end tomorrow, Monday, in the afternoon, without a specific time, after traveling to the shoulders of the neighbors all corners of the municipality, including the streets of the municipal cemetery.

There have been numerous, as every year, the foreigners who have moved to this town attracted by the fame and uniqueness of the party, adding to the neighbors that one more year they are turning to their patron wherever he goes.

And it is not usual to see a rain of food at the passage of an image as it happens in Trigueros. These are the traditional "thrown", which are produced about 50 meters ahead of the saint - carried on the shoulders by the neighbors - and consisting of the launching of all kinds of food from the balconies to the street, which are collected by the people who crowd below.

Depending on the number of people living in the houses or their purchasing power, the runs are more or less numerous, so that in some homes the image may be stopped for more than half an hour while everything that is thrown into the street is finished they have prepared.

This practice, which recalls a kind of solidarity with those most in need, usually begins with pieces of bread, a typical product of the municipality, to continue with sausages or cheeses, and end with the most anticipated products, when whole hams are thrown into the street.

In addition, some neighbors, especially young people, organized in rocks, have some "tables" to which one of them climbs to collect from the top what is launched and distribute the "booty" at the end of the day.

San Antonio Abad also presents the peculiarity of being the only trade unionist in Spain; his relationship with UGT began in 1929, when he was affiliated when it was considered that the fact that he distributed his lands was in accordance with the policy of this union.


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