March 9, 2021

Samsung presents this Wednesday the Galaxy Note 10 Plus as the most powerful mobile on the market | Technology

Samsung will present this Wednesday (ten at night in Spain) the new high-end mobile phone Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus. The event will be at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, (New York), the same place where the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 was presented. It will be at four in the afternoon in the city of the United States (ten at night Spanish time) and you can to follow in streaming since Samsung website and from the Samsung Spain Newsroom.

The quintessential holiday month has become the one for the South Korean brand to reveal the characteristics of its new model. Many new features are expected in the high-end terminal, even with respect to Galaxy Note 9 last year and the Galaxy S10 presented only six months ago. "When we created Note, we were pioneers in a new category: we designed the big screen smartphone. And beyond the big screen, the Galaxy Note ecosystem has always been our best example in terms of innovation," company sources say.

The novelty of this year is the launch of two models at the same time, with two different screen sizes, the plus model has 6.8 inches (its huge and usual screen) and the other device 6.3 inches, somewhat smaller.

The other remarkable and curious novelty of this new release is that these two versions of the phone, the small and the large, will have two subversions: one terminal will have LTE connectivity and another includes 5G. The market will receive two pairs of Note 10 clearly differentiated by size and having or not having connectivity with the latest generation of mobile telephony.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus

It is still to be confirmed but the Galaxy Note 10 Plus may be the most powerful phone in the Android landscape (at least for now) because it is expected that this year Huawei announce its Mate 30 and OnePlus announce the improved version of your 7 Pro model, which may have the same power or higher than the new Galaxy. The two phones will have the same processor, a Snapdragon 855, but the rest of the technical specifications will vary depending on whether the version is large or small.

In addition, it is the first time that Samsung dispenses with functions traditionally carried by the Galaxy Note: neither of the two models will have an expansion slot for microSD cards or a traditional headphone jack.

The South Korean company will launch two models at the same time, with two different screen sizes. The plus device has 6.8 inches (its huge and usual screen) and the other model 6.3 inches, somewhat smaller.

Samsung believes that Note users are the most faithful of the company. "Customers see their phones as a way to help them in their day to day, both in creative and work tasks. With each innovation, we respond to their needs, developing devices that help them in their objectives and allow them to focus on what else They like it, "says the company.

The two models will be available on August 19 and the price will range from 999 euros to 1,199 euros, depending on the device. "We are very committed to offering a unique experience to our users and every detail has been designed to offer the highest possible quality," adds Samsung.

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