Samsung prepares 1TB memories for mobile phones – La Provincia

Las memorias de 1TB de Samsung.

The Samsung technology company has presented this Wednesdaya new model of your memories for mobile devices, with which it extends its serial storage until it reachesfor the first time a terabyte (1TB)Of space.

Samsung's new memories are intended to serve asphone series storageand they use the embedded Universal Flash Storage System (eUFS) 2.1, and have already begun to manufacture massively, as announced by Samsung through a statement.

According to Samsung, it's aboutthe first eUFS memory that reaches 1TBof memory in the market, and presents a size of 11.5 x 13 millimeters, the same as the version with 512GB of storage space, combining 16 layers of V-NAND flash memories.

The new 1TB Samsung eUFS memories also offera data transmission speed of 1,000 megabytes per second, and it presents a speed of reading sequence twice as fast as a SATA SSD memory of 2.5 inches and a random reading 38% faster than the version of 512GB.

Through the use of this memory, Samsung supports 'smartphones' for camera functions such as recording slow motion videos at 960 frames per second.


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