June 24, 2021

Samsung folding screen phone: Samsung shows 'dark' its mobile with folding screen | Technology

Samsung folding screen phone: Samsung shows 'dark' its mobile with folding screen | Technology

Samsung Electronics has taught, albeit only half, your expected flexible screen with which you will equip your future mobile phones. Taking advantage of the conference of developers that takes place in San Francisco, the company has turned off the lights of the enclosure and showed almost in darkness the new flexible screen called Infinity Flex Display.

The device, which has not been given any details except that it will arrive in 2019, will work like a hybrid, so that it can be used as a folded mobile of 5 inches, and as a tablet of more than 7 inches when deployed. On the large screen, up to three applications will be displayed at the same time and will automatically open the tasks that were being performed on the small one.

For it, the Korean multinational has asked Google and Android developers to start making applications for the new format. The goal is to get critical feedback as new technologies will require developers to adjust applications to make sure they work correctly when the phone is deployed in tablet form.

Google has already confirmed that it works with Samsung for the new development. "It's an exciting concept and we hope to see folding products from various Android makers," said Dave Burke, vice president of engineering for Android, at a Google conference. "In fact, already We are working closely with Samsung in a new device that they plan to launch early next year, "confirmed Burke.

New interface

Together with the flexible screen. Samsung introduced a new intuitive interface design called One UI, which positions the most relevant content in the lower half of the screen, favoring naturalness and convenience in the manipulation of the device with one hand.

An image of Samsung's new folding mobile.
An image of Samsung's new folding mobile.

"The experience has been reorganized to reduce clutter and distractions, allowing the user to focus and manage their phone more quickly."

Also, Samsung announced the launch of its voice assistant Bixby to five new languages ​​in "the next few months", including Spanish, British English, French, German and Italian.


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