Samsung apologizes for cancer and other diseases caused to workers

The South Korean firm Samsung Electronics today publicly apologized for the cancer and other illnesses caused to its workers, including congenital damages to the children of the victims, and stressed its commitment to pay the financial compensations fixed.

"We failed to be considered with all those diseases and we did not quickly resolve the issue," said company co-chair Kim Ki-nam in an act of public apology in which he participated with representatives of those affected, local media reported.

The matter arose in 2007, when the employee Hwang Yu-mi died of leukemia and other cases that affected former workers of microprocessor and screen factories that Samsung produces began to be known.

Groups that defend the victims calculate that the victims exceed 200.

"Dear colleagues and their families have suffered for a long time, but Samsung Electronics did not address this issue before," said the manager.

A mediation committee between the parties announced an agreement whereby the company will have to pay 150 million won for each case (about 116,000 euros or 132,000 dollars).

Cancer compensations are included o A representative of the group that defends those affected, Hwang Sang-ki, father of the employee who died of leukemia in 2007, expressed in the same act his hope that the company prepare a complete plan of compensation to those who They suffered diseases.

"I am happy that I was able to fulfill the promise I made to Yu-mi," said Hwang, referring to his deceased son. "But I can not forget all the damage caused to Yu-mi and my family," he added.


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