Thu. Apr 18th, 2019

Samsung and Apple team up on TV

Samsung y Apple se alían en la tele

For many patent wars that they have maintained, in the end Samsung and Apple end up understanding each other. A good proof is that the OLED screens of the iPhone XR (and before the iPhone X) are manufactured by the Korean company and with exclusive technology allows them to reach the lower area of ​​the front, with hardly any frames. That good understanding is going to become more patent now facing the public, since from the second week of March all Samsung Smart TVs from 2010 onwards will be updated to support iTunes, the music content store and Apple's audiovisuals.

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The agreement goes further, because the highest range of Samsung TVs, QLED, will work with Apple's AirPlay 2 protocol. Those from 2018 will also be updated. This means that, for example, the contents of an iPhone or IPad can be played directly on a screen of the Korean company. Conversely, the sound of one of these screens could be reproduced, for example, on two linked HomePod speakers to work in stereo.

The alliance would have seemed unthinkable a short time ago. The American company has among its products the Apple TV, which although it is not exactly an access to iTunes - it can work as home automation control HomeKit and has its own system of games and apps - yes you can see reduced sales of this hardware if users they can already access most of their contents.

The key issue for Apple is that with Samsung already has a manufacturer that leads the sales of connected TVs and that it will be able to offer its products to many more users within this great platform that are Smart TV.

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