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Samba manriquea – The Province

The manriquea fauna comes alive in the video of 'Viento fue', an advance of the production 'Csar Manrique, the musical', which premieres on September 12, starring actor Mingo Ruano. The video of the song, which can be seen in the digital edition of La Provincia, is directed by the Canarian designer Jorge R. Ricarte, who with respect has digitally animated for this piece some of the creatures created by Manrique, among them his recognite devil, who, to the rhythm of samba (with Olga Cerpa) seems to make a guide , perhaps, to his role in the ambitious montage on the life of the genius of Lanzarote.

César, or rather the creative universe of César, dances to the rhythm of samba in a sound and visual preview of what the production will be César Manrique, the musical, which premieres at the Teatro Pérez Galdós in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria on September 12.

Wrapped in marine animals, devils and wind toys digitally recreated in 3D by the Canarian designer Jorge R. Ricarte, the video of the song Wind was, a samba of Brazilian origin to which the musician Manuel González has written and interprets Olga Cerpa, premiered last Saturday in the digital edition of The province.

Ricarte worked "about two weeks" in the recording, editing and editing of this jewel where the fabulous marine animals created by Manrique take life to be at the service of what promises to be a worthy finishing touch for the celebration of the centenary of the artist's birth. Lanzarote "The graphic idea was clear from the start and in that coincided with the production and direction of the show," adds this brilliant designer who signs his work as Logoferoz ( @logoferoz) Some of the leading singers of this musical, including Olga Cerpa, participate in the video. Luis Morera, Víctor Batista, Marieme Abdoulaye and Lucía Viera.

Ricarte signs the direction, edition and post-production of this recording in which the camera is located behind the director Pedro Ruiz

César Manrique, the musical, Based on an idea and script by Manuel González, it is a montage produced by Mestisay and Clapso Producciones. Israel Reyes directs this show that stars the actor Mingo Ruano, that gives life to César, next to Víctor Formoso and Maykol Hernández like demon and Pepín Ramírez, respectively.

The Pérez Galdós Theater has programmed ten performances and the tickets are already on sale at the price of 20, 35 and 50 euros. They can be purchased both at the theater ticket offices and on the web pages, Y

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