March 4, 2021

Sam Raimi works on ideas for a new movie

Probably "Infernal possession" Be one of the most emblematic scary movies in history. His style of cinema has transcended to the present; After its launch in 1981, new deliveries followed one another (1987 and 1992) until reaching the present (2013 and a series in 2015). "Ash vs. Evil Dead "has been canceled after three seasons, but maybe" Infernal Possession "is not so dead: Sam Raimi has granted an interview to Bloody Disgusting where he has revealed that "They would love to make another movie" and that "they were working on certain ideas".

In the interview the director clarifies his intentions regarding the brand: "I would love to do something new related. I do not think that television is the future but we are talking (Bruce Campbell, Rob Tapert and himself) about some way of channeling a possible movie. " And he added: "We are thinking about certain ideas".

The fundamental question points to Bruce Campbell, actor who starred in the original trilogy. Currently he does not act, but … What if he gets an offer of this caliber? "I would be really happy that Bruce changed his mind and went back to the original line of" Infernal Possession. " But if not, I would love to work with Fede Álvarez to do the sequel … Although now it is practically impossible to tempt him. He is a demanding and successful artist who does not think he wants to do this. "

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