Sam Heughan: this is the actor who plays Jamie Fraser in the series 'Outlander'

Sam Heughan: this is the actor who plays Jamie Fraser in the series 'Outlander'

The actor Sam Heughan (New Galloway, Scotland, 1980) knows well what the saying means that when one door closes, another opens. The protagonist of 'Outlander' has been six seasons as Jamie Fraserthe brash 18th-century Scotsman from the series based on the American writer's best-sellers Diana Gabaldon. However, a few years earlier he could have been one of the members of the successful "Game of Thrones".

The 39-year-old interpreter appeared up to seven times at HBO's fiction casting to play Renly Baratheon, Loras Tyrell or some members of the Night's Watch. Although he did not manage to sneak into the cast, shortly after he got the character of his life in the series that has launched him to fame, which this Sunday, March 6, premieres its sixth season on the Movistar + platform. "Having a large fan base for books has always been the driving force behind this 'show', but also the fascination with Scotland and claire and jamie [los principales personajes]because many would like to emulate that relationship", the actor confessed to El Periódico de Catalunya during filming in glasgow of the episodes of the fifth season.

'Outlander'who has never skimped when it comes to bringing to the small screen the steamy scenes described in the romantic novels on which it is based, has opened "many opportunities" in the cinema, as he himself admits. “The series has been a great learning curve, and after six years of making it, I needed new things,” he says. We have also seen it in theaters in 'Bloodshot'an action movie in which he shares the poster with Vin Diesel and Guy Pierce.

His name was also considered to take over from Daniel Craig as james-bond, who left MI6 after the premiere of 'No Time to Die'. Heughan was already in the mix when they were looking for a replacement for Pierce Brosnan for the British spy franchise.

The actor continues to exploit the pull that 'Outlander' is giving him. With another of the actors of the series, Graham McTavish, who played his uncle Dougal MacKenzie, directs and stars in a 'podcast', 'Clan Lands', which he wants to turn into a television show. "It's a road trip through Scotland exploring their clans and their culture, with lots of music and guests in every episode. I hope people learn things from us," he stresses. He is also making another of Scotland's symbols, whiskey, profitable, and has released a bottle with the name he affectionately calls his wife in the series, 'Sassenach' (which would be 'English' or ' foreign').

Executive producer

Despite getting more and more a foot in the cinema, his involvement with 'Outlander' continues to grow. In the fifth season he served for the first time as an executive producer with Caitriona Balfe, the co-star. “We've had the opportunity to attend the production meetings and get involved in the scripts and I think that has helped us understand the full dimension of the series,” she stresses.

At the moment, there is already a sixth season about to be released and Gabaldon, the author of the saga, does not stop providing them with material: she has written eight books and is already running the ninth.

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