Salvini says that "selfish, racist and fascist policies save lives"

Salvini says that "selfish, racist and fascist policies save lives"

Italy's Interior Minister and leader of the far-right Liga, Matteo Salvini, said today that he is proud of his policy of curbing immigration and maintained that "selfish, racist and fascist policies save lives."

"I am proud of having reduced departures, landings and the number of deaths, and my goal is for these children, men and women, not to flee by desert and by sea, and have a future in their countries of origin," said Salvini. in a live broadcast from social networks.

"I am happy because selfish, racist and fascist policies save lives," he added.

The Italian Ministry of the Interior has published today the data relative to the arrivals of immigrants to the country and the figures show that 23,210 people landed this year, 87.85% less than in 2017, when they amounted to 118,914, and 92, 80% less than in 2016, with 180,327 people.

Salvini justified his decision to close the Italian ports to immigrants rescued in the Mediterranean Sea as a preventive measure against human traffickers, who "buy drugs and weapons" with the money they charge to people who want to get to Europe to look for an future better.

"In our country comes who has the right and comes asking for permission, please and saying thank you, is this Nazi or fascist? No, it's fair," he said.


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