January 28, 2021

Salvini and Di Maio applaud having avoided infringement by keeping promises

Salvini and Di Maio applaud having avoided infringement by keeping promises

The two vice presidents and leaders of the government coalition, Luigi di Maio (M5S) and Matteo Salvini (Lega), today applauded having managed to avoid the infringement procedure by the European Commission (EC), but maintaining the measures contained in the Budgets .

Italy rectified the deficit to 2.04% from the 2.4% announced after a negotiation with the EC that today approved the new Italian budget project for 2019 and did so to avoid sanctions.

"To have avoided the infringement procedure is the victory of common sense for the good of the citizens," said Interior Minister Salvini, in a statement sent to the media.

Salvini said that the measures they had promised, the reform of pensions and citizenship income, the reduction of taxes for self-employed workers and small businesses, will be carried out in the established times. "

"We are very satisfied with the results achieved that will become real money from January to help millions of Italians," he added.

Both Salvini and Di Maio applauded the work of the Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, in his negotiation with Brussels.

"I applaud Giuseppe Conte for his extraordinary work and the result he has achieved in Europe only in the exclusive interest of the Italians," said Labor Minister di Maio.

In another statement sent to the media, he pointed out that Conte's negotiations have always been developed without "betraying the Italians" and "without taking steps backwards".

Di Maio said that "the measures included in the budgets and the people to whom they will benefit remain unchanged and are 100% confirmed."

"And all this we owe to the president (of the Government) Conte, loyal person, who has asserted all the reasons of the Government and the Italians," he added.

To meet this adjustment, Italy has had to cut some 4,000 million euros in the budgets.

The two promises star, the subsidy for unemployed, workhorse of the M5S, and the reform of the pension system, measure of the League, will be financed with 2,000 million euros less than previously calculated.

Conte spoke today in an appearance before the Senate in which this decrease is not a consequence of Italy having yielded to Brussels but the result of a subsequent technical analysis that has shown that such a high sum was not necessary.


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