'Sálvame' finalizes the BOMB SIGNING of the revelation collaborator of the season

The star program of Telecinco, Save me, in the purest phoenix style, it has risen from its ashes and has reached its usual audience data again thanks to the different changes that it has been giving in this upheaval that the chain's flagship has gone through.

Among the milestones that have made the format once again position itself as 'number one' in the afternoons are the return of Anabel Pantoja and everything that happened with your divorce of Omar Sánchez from Gran Canaria, the confrontation between Belén Esteban and Paz Padilla and the eternal showdown that maintains the program with Antonio David Flores, among other events.

However the hit of effect that Save me is prepared could be about to arrive And it's going to be a total bombshell. The program would be finalizing the signing of a new collaborator that would produce an earthquake whose seismicity will last for weeks.

According to various information, the leadership of Telecinco's afternoon program had been negotiating with the most popular character of the moment and, in the absence of profiling some threads, his landing on the set of Save me will be done sooner rather than later.

Who is the woman who could revolutionize the evenings of 'Sálvame'?

With M for...

Despite the fact that he has been the center of the target for many weeks, his last intervention served him to acquire the direct passport to the 'Save me' universe. In addition, the latest news points to a final break which occurred precisely because of his intervention in the program.

The name of the woman who will become the bomb signing of the season is, neither more nor less, that Martha Riesco.

This information comes after, after the intervention of Ana Rosa's still journalist, Jorge Javier told Riesco that "YYou're taking too long to come work with us". An ordeal that seems to have been taken literally by the young journalist.

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