Salvadoran parishioners recreate the entrance of Jesus to Jerusalem with faith and passion

Salvadoran Catholics celebrated this Sunday with faith and passion the traditional procession of Palm Sunday, which begins the Holy Week, in which they recalled the triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem.

The procession with palms is a tradition with which Salvadoran parishioners inaugurate every year all the religious activities that characterize the "Semana Mayor" in the Central American country, where approximately 70% of the population professes the Catholic faith.

The municipality of Nahuizalco, about 60 kilometers west of the Salvadoran capital, is distinguished by the sway of women with scarves and indigenous features, who this day carried the classic palm twigs that will grace the Eucharist.

"We have prepared ourselves well in advance for this day (...) today begins our period to reflect on our actions and give thanks to God for everything," said Amilcar Hernández, a Catholic who year after year attends the procession of bouquets

The main streets of this town dawn with hundreds of bouquets decorated with colored ribbons made by indigenous women who live in the rural area.

Palm Sunday in this place is lived with the same intensity as in the rest of El Salvador but with the peculiarity that the Nahuat language, race and indigenous customs prevail.

The procession -in which participated children, youth, adults and old people- started from the El Calvario hermitage and to the sound of whistles and drums the parishioners toured the main streets of the center of the municipality, which is characterized by still having cobblestone roads and old houses, elements considered as main tourist attractions.

The pilgrimage culminated in the Parish of St. Bautista where a mass was celebrated in which the parishioners sang praises, prayed and paid homage to the "creator".

Palm Sunday commemorates, according to the Catholic Church, the triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem on a donkey.

Nahuizalco, along with other municipalities in the department of Sonsonate (east), stands out in the Semana Mayor for its religious events that attract thousands of national and foreign tourists.

The Ministry of Tourism denominates to these municipalities "Route of the Holy Week", where the different biblical passages of the passion of Christ are staged "live".


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