October 28, 2020

Salvadoran parishioners commemorate the massacre of innocent children in Bethlehem

Salvadoran parishioners commemorate the massacre of innocent children in Bethlehem

Salvadoran Catholics from the town of Antiguo Cuscatlán, located southwest of the capital of the Central American country, today commemorated with various activities the massacre of innocent children in Bethlehem.

The date coincides with the patron saint festivities of the municipality in honor of the Holy Innocents and the Holy Virgin Mary, so the villagers participate in a mass and a procession, whose peculiarity is the hundreds of images of the child God that are carried by the parishioners

The numerous procession crossed the main streets of the historical helmet of Old Cuscatlán to commemorate the martyrdom of the children, who, according to the Bible, were assassinated by orders of King Herod.

The procession, which was headed by the image of the Virgin Santa Juana, which represents the mothers whose children were murdered by order of Herod, departed from the parish of the Holy Innocent Children of Antiguo Cuscatlán.

Father Óscar López explained to Efe that the date is also propitious to ask for "so much innocent child that at present he suffers because he has no parents, a house, they are abused and mistreated".

"For those children without bread, without blankets, to whom society kills little by little, for those you have to pray and ask," the religious stressed.

The father called Salvadorans to take care of children and to prepare for them a "worthy future".

The commemoration in this Salvadoran town dates from the 50s of the last century, in which parishioners from all over the country participate and includes a mass.

The story in the Bible states that King Herod had all children under two killed in an attempt to eliminate Jesus, a newborn in Bethlehem.


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