July 25, 2021

SALT 2018 shows the potential of electronic commerce as a shuttle abroad for Canarian companies – La Provincia

SALT 2018 shows the potential of electronic commerce as a shuttle abroad for Canarian companies - La Provincia

The president of the Canary Cluster of Transport and Logistics,Alonso Fernández, pointed out that "strengthening electronic commerce in the archipelago will serve to overcome the limitations of the territory and the dependence on the outside, in order to fully develop a profitable market strategy".

With these words, Alonso Fernández inaugurated today the sixth day of the Atlantic Salon of Logistics and Transport, SALT 2018, 'How to succeed in E-commerce?' in which different experts of the sector met to present the current challenges in the Canary Islands in this area and give the keys to consolidate it as a stable sales channel, as well as raise and publicize different success stories in the e-commerce sector.

SALT 2018 is organized by the Government of the Canary Islands and the Canary Cluster of Logistics and Transport, with the aim of deepening the latest technological advances applied to these two sectors to improve their efficiency and interrelation.

During the day, there were several examples of companies that have been able to overcome current obstacles and prosper in different sectors, including the primary sector, industry and the service sector. In addition, the day served as a letter of introduction of some companies that have been commissioned not only to export their product, but also to facilitate other companies to do so.

This is the case of Maravitia, an online platform for selling local agricultural products with a logistics and transport solution that allows you to purchase top quality products and send them on time to any place. Antonio Maravitia, CEO of this company, assured that his function is that ofsimplify business management. "We have used technology so that people like a small farmer have it easy and can take their product outside the Canary Islands." In addition, he noted that at the level of electronic commerce, the limitation of the territory is no longer an impediment to prove it. "In the Canary Islands, not everyone has export experience due to limitations such as the sea or customs, but nowadays if you do not export, it's because you do not want to," said Maravitia.

In relation to the success stories, the commercial director of Grupo Valora, Felipe Arcas, explained in his talk how to overcome the difficulties of e-commerce in the Canary Islands, ensuring that the main thing for companies that want to start using it is to have clear objectives . "At the end of what it's about isknow your product, know where you want it or you can sell it and why. Identify the differential issue of your product and know your target market "he stated.

Likewise, he affirmed that certain products work better than others in the case of the Archipelago due to their special condition of Islands and also that not every product has the same success when exported. "The example of several Canarian companies suggest that we position ourselves better in goods of small size and high value, such as cosmetics, perfumery or aloe, but we must also be clear that although a company sells many things, only a percentage has the potential to be competitive in the export ".

On the other hand, Luis Alcalá Mascareño, founder and project manager of Freshcommerce, highlighted that electronic commerce "is a sales channel full of alternatives", pointing to the need for differentiation as the key to success "compete on price is complicatedand therefore it is essential to differentiate and do more with less, optimizing resources and techniques, "he said.


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