July 29, 2021

Salma Paralluelo, the dilemma of a child prodigy | sports

Salma Paralluelo, the dilemma of a child prodigy | sports

"I'm too late to train so I wake up at 4.30 in the morning to do my homework and study. I arrive home from school at 15, how and at 17 I go out. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays I have football training; on Tuesdays and Thursdays of athletics ", says Salma Paralluelo sitting in the residence of the Sports City of Las Rozas before heading to Uruguay to play the World Cup with the sub-17 that starts on the 13th. In May, in Lithuania, proclaimed champion of Europe. He has still not been able to make his debut in the Liga Iberdrola when he has not reached the age of 15 [juega en el Zaragoza CFF], but it is one of the protagonists of the Toña Is selection.

She will be 15 years old on November 13, has an athlete's body, endless legs, braids that reach her waist and a 44. The father is Spanish and the mother is Guinean. "Vengaaaa … Usain" [BOLT], her companions shout at her during the photo session. To the successes that it has harvested in the soccer it is necessary to add those of athletics. Salma is champion of Spain sub-18 in 300 meters and runner-up in triple jump. In indoor track won the championship of Spain cadet in 60 hurdles and was gold in 300 outdoor fences with record of Spain. His talent has not gone unnoticed.

Last winter, Jorge González Amo's cell phone rang, the head of the middle ground sector of the Spanish athletics federation. He called him a Zaragoza technician. "Jorge, there's a girl who can run half a bottom, speed, hurdles or triple jump. I have not seen any talent like this in 40 years. The problem is that it is also great in football. We have to bet on her, talk to the president, "says González, who was told by Félix Laguna. "I had not heard of her when Felix called me. A month and a half later I saw their brands and … they are extraordinary. She is a precocious girl with extraordinary conditions. Right now Ana Peleteiro and María Vicente are the best Spanish athletes. Salma is of the same race and with similar characteristics to both. We would come to athletics wonders, "says Gonzalez.

In football, Salma is just as versatile as in the tartan. You can play side, end, playmaker and inside. "It's a marvel. We take advantage of the speed it has, the overflow, its ease to leave behind the rivals. It gives us life. He is left-handed, but when he plays for the right he also does a lot of damage because he gets in and has a good shot. It's extraordinary, "defines Toña Is, the sub-17 coach.

For now, he does not want to give up either of the two sports. In order to do both their days start at 4.30. Her father, who is unemployed, works as a householder and takes care of her and her two brothers, also footballers. "My mother sells clothes that she does herself. He works in Africa, travels a lot, comes at Christmas and in summer. We see ourselves very little, "explains Salma. If you had to choose right now between football and athletics? "I do not know, I really do not know. I would have to spend a lot of time thinking about it, "he answers.

"From soccer I like the friends that are made and have a support in the field. Of the athletics, that when you have been training so long and you arrive at the competition and you get it right is a satisfaction that can not be described, "he adds. "The problem we have in athletics is that it is very difficult to compete with team sports because children have a great time while they are playing and at those ages they play. In athletics you do not play, you compete, "says González. Remember a similar case, the Juan José Garrantxo that broke the records of Spain fences in youth category and what the specialists said "it was a show." He ended up choosing the prestige of football and is now goalkeeper of Real Sociedad C.

Laguna, Salma's athletic trainer for just over a year, says he only works with her six times a month because football and competitions do not give her time for more. "I only correct defects," he says. "I have been in athletics since I was 11 years old and I have almost 40 coaches. I have had more than 70 internationals, champions of Spain, some runners-up in Europe and I have not seen anyone like Salma. It is a talent: a talent is a person who for little that does is going to put in an Olympic final. Without training he made a 300 and a 300 hurdles beating the Spanish record and making the best world record! ", He assures.

"When a talent like that comes out, there should be a gear in the CSD and the federations where we do not have to wait for a brand or a championship to give it a scholarship. They are the tables by which we are governed to know if he deserves it or not. We should have an exception for exceptions and go a little further. There are so many indications that it is a talent that I do not know what to expect … ", he concludes.

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