Salma Hayek takes command in "The Other Bodyguard 2"

Los Angeles (USA), Jun 16 (EFE) .- A wild Latina, foul-mouthed and capable of slapping Ryan Reynolds when he deserves them. This is the role of Salma Hayek in "The other bodyguard 2", an action comedy that, according to the Mexican told Efe, will make many women feel "vindicated."

"There is still a lot of age discrimination, especially when it comes to women. And that is one thing that my character Sonia cannot bear," he said.

"She is explosive by nature. But if you want to see her explode beyond conceivable, hint something about her age and then get ready ...", she warned amused.

After a small appearance in "The Other Bodyguard" (2017), Hayek acquires much more prominence in this sequel that hits theaters this Wednesday and is accompanied by Ryan Reynolds, Samuel L. Jackson and an Antonio Banderas in the skin of a flamboyant villain.

The actress was very pleased that director Patrick Hughes allowed her to do "whatever she wanted" with her character and model Sonia to her liking.

Also, his friend Ryan Reynolds was key for Hayek to be encouraged to give depth to his role in this new film.

"In" The Other Bodyguard "it was only two days of work for me, but I really enjoyed being her: all her rudeness, all her crazy things," she explained.

"And in this new movie, Hughes told me:" 'Now instead of the protagonists being two, there are going to be three. And you're going to be one of them, '"he recalled.


Hayek storms into the mood of "The Other Bodyguard 2" as the wife of Darius Kincaid (Samuel L. Jackson), the hit man that bodyguard Michael Bryce (Ryan Reynolds) was supposed to protect in the first film.

In this sequel, Sonia and Michael have to join forces to rescue Darius, a mission between the suicidal and the crazy that will lead to countless high-speed chases and totally insane plans.

In this sense, Hayek stressed how "liberating" it is to embody such an impulsive and overwhelming character as Sonia.

But she also admitted that she was "a little nervous" about sneaking into the electric comedy duo of Reynolds and Jackson.

"They have wonderful chemistry. They have two completely different styles of comedy and somehow they complement each other. It is very difficult to enter as a third party and not break what they already have," he argued.

However, the interpreter praised the generosity of both actors to "give a field" to Sonia and make a place for her as equals in this story.


In a recent interview with Variety magazine, Reynolds joked that he can still feel the aftermath of Hayek's slaps on set, as the script required.

The actress defended herself against these accusations by Reynolds without losing her sense of humor.

"He told me to hit him. He didn't think I was going to hit him so hard, but I obey," he ironically.

"Then he spent it complaining, but the truth is that my hand hurt too. Don't think that only his face hurt ...", he added.

In "The Other Bodyguard 2" he also had the opportunity to meet with his beloved Antonio Banderas, who has been linked by a great friendship for decades after sharing credits in films such as "Desperado" (1995).

However, between takes, some members of the team seemed concerned about whether these two Hispanic stars were really getting along.

"You and your readers will understand very well what I am going to say. He left the character of the bad guy and I of the crazy one. Then we were all the time together on the set and we spoke in Spanish. And you know that when we speak, we speak with more passion, we move our hands, the volume is much higher than in English ... ", he described.

"But one day I realized that everyone was looking at us with fear. I think people thought we were fighting, but that's how Antonio and I talked," he commented with a smile.

Hayek, who recently revealed that he was infected with coronavirus in 2020 and that he was convalescing for several weeks, is now enjoying a brilliant 2021 professionally, since at the end of the year he will premiere "Eternals" by Chloé Zhao ("Nomadland", 2020) and "House of Gucci" by Ridley Scott.

"It is interesting because if the pandemic had not happened, these films would not have come out so close together, but now I have a great year," he closed.

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