March 6, 2021

Sales to add 100 million

Real Madrid needs 100 million to balance its accounts and calculations of the white entity estimate that you could get up to 100 million euros with a series of outputs.

The first or that is what it seems, It would have to be James, because the footballer does not want to continue and because Zidane does not count on him either. The Napoli is interested, but it has not gone much into negotiations with the white club either. James Rodriguez is one of the most valued footballers of those that are for sale. Madrid thinks it can get 50 million for the player, which would bring the goal of the 100 that are intended.

The other player who is at the starting gate and very well valued is Bale, but he is not in such a hurry with him. Especially since the footballer is in no hurry to leave, although he knows that his situation in the club is, at best, complex. There are many attack players now and Zidane already showed him last year that, with fewer players, it was his first choice to go to the bench. They think at least 70 million.

Those two players would be big sales, in the absence of any exit. Although Asensio, Isco and Modric have the support of the coach, an important offer made everyone think a lot about the future.

And then there are the departures of players like Mayoral, who is waiting for the Real to pay 15 million; Mariano, who could go out, see if something convinces Keylor and choose between Nacho and Vallejo the central one that remains.

With 50 of James and another 50 in the sum of these exits; the money obtained by Bale could be used to go for Pogba with more fund of cja

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