Sales of used cars up 3.1% in January - La Provincia

Sales of used cars up 3.1% in January - La Provincia

Sales of passenger cars and SUVs used in the Spanish market stood at 158,231 units during the month of January, which is an increase of 3.1% compared to the first month of last year, according to MSI data for the Federation of Associations of Automotive Dealers).

This increase in deliveries in the second-hand market in the first month of the year it occurs in a lowering environment of the registrations of new passenger cars, which closed January with a reduction of 8% and 93,546 units.

Data from MSI for Faconauto suggest that deliveries of models of up to five years account for 29.4% of total sales. Thus, car sales of up to three years increased 4.1% in the first month of the year and 17% in cars between three and five years.

On his side, transfers of cars between six and ten years decreased by 11.3% and those of automobiles that exceed an age of ten years rose by 1% in January and already represent 57.1% of the total of the second-hand market.

The communication director of Faconauto, Raul Morales, said that the start of the year shows a "stagnant" used market and added that sales of this type of car seem to have touched "ceiling".

"In the coming months, no major changes are expected nor a strong increase in transfers, except in the sales of official dealers, especially the models of up to five years, which will continue to grow due to the large supply from self-enrollment and tactical registrations "assured Morales.


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