Sale of Michael Jackson's jacket in 'Billie Jean' | Culture

Sale of Michael Jackson's jacket in 'Billie Jean' | Culture

The original suit jacket used by Michael Jackson during the proceedings of Billie Jean, the "successful and most representative" theme of the King of Pop on his tour Dangerous World Tour, which took place between June 1992 and November 1993, has been put on sale in the Malaga portal for a value of 3,500 euros.

Specifically, it is a metal jacket, in perfect condition, tailored for the singer by Bill Whitten, his costume designer on the aforementioned tour.

Thus, it is made of black silk and covered with black sequins sewn with transparent thread to the fabric of the same. Inside the jacket you can also see the initials M. J. and D. 3 written by hand.

His salesman, Julio Carabias Garrido, 42, explains that he is an admirer of the artist since the mid-80s and acquired the article, through a private Italian collector fanatic of the singer, who put it on auction.

"I was born in 1976, I'm a fan of Michael since almost all my life", so "from the moment I saw the jacket I wanted it to be mine and, luckily, I was able to get it with her", he assured, while he regretted "not being able to be in any of his concerts". "It is something that will no longer be possible, it is a thorn that I have stuck," he added.

The pledge has its corresponding certificate of authenticity: a letter signed by Frank Dileo himself and addressed to Mr. William Spencer, director of Unicef at that time, through which Dileo donates this jacket to Spencer on the occasion of an act of charity of the foundation of humanitarian aid to raise funds. In addition, a second document with photographs of Frank M. Dileo's jacket and stamp is included.

Carabias claims to have "mixed feelings" regarding its sale. "On the one hand, if I could not sell it, I would still be happy, because I have a lot of appreciation for the jacket, but on the other hand, if it were sold, my wife will begin to undergo a fertility treatment", explained the seller of allcollection, who adds : "It's a unique article that any fan of the King of Pop will want to have."

The seller has remembered "perfectly, as if it were yesterday" the day that Michael Jackson died. "It was my partner who gave me the news when I arrived at the office and I can assure you that, after the death of my parents, it is the loss I have felt the most".

"I remember him many days, although at least I keep listening to his songs and, in part, I can feel he is still alive, I can really imagine the King of Pop in this jacket dancing his mythical 'Billie Jean'", he concluded.


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