Salamanca has the "safest" homes to prevent thefts in Reyes

Salamanca has the "safest" homes to prevent thefts in Reyes

Salamanca is the city with the "safest" homes to protect themselves from the thefts that occur every year during Twelfth Night, when it is estimated that up to 30 assaults can be recorded every hour, according to the data of the insurance comparator. home.

According to the comparator, the cost of robberies that occur that night is higher than other similar losses that take place in the rest of the year, since the houses are full of gifts.

However, as he warns, currently up to 24% of Spaniards do not have a home insurance that gives coverage to this type of mishaps. reminds that it is "usual" for a complete policy to cover the damage caused at home, the change and repair of the lock, as well as the stolen goods and coverage if the robbery occurs outside the home.

By provinces, Tarragona, Murcia and Almeria are the ones that register the highest number of robberies during the Night of Kings, followed by Barcelona and Madrid.

The comparator gives some tips to avoid these thefts such as the use of light programmers to scare off thieves, take extraordinary precautions in the second residence, or invest in security -like installing a camera with a microphone-, among others.

Finally, the comparator remembers that the highest number of assaults is recorded during the first three months of the year, especially in holiday homes or second homes.


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