April 22, 2021

safe tourism to fight depopulation

Its ability to combine the required sanitary security with the satisfaction of enjoying tourism and outdoor spaces outside urban centers has made the motorhome the fashionable means of transport for traveling and an ally to promote the economy in the areas of inside.

The social and economic crisis coupled with the COVID-19 water utility has put the tourism sector in check, one of the most powerful economic engines in Spain, which is looking for alternatives and formulas so as not to completely lose the summer season.

To this search for alternatives is added the continuous appeal of the rural and inland world that is asking that the “de-escalation be for everyone and that it takes into account the need to regain economic activity also in the most depopulated territories”, as he explained to Efe Fabrizio Muzzati, manager of the Castellón company Aqui I am Caravaning.

This idea is in line with the proposal of the Anti-depopulation Agenda of the Generalitat Valenciana (AVANT) to create a network of caravan areas inside the Valencian Community, especially in areas without sufficient accommodation offer and to give the opportunity to enjoy these municipalities.

The proposal refers to towns that due to their size do not have a sufficient number of accommodations to welcome visitors during vacation times, but where the benefit to the local economy “is very great”.

The executive secretary of the employers’ association of the sector, ASEICAR, Raúl Vaquero, explained to Efe that the union launched a proposal before the COVID-19 pandemic, “Ecovaning”, which aimed not only to participate in ecological campaigns against the garbage in nature but to participate in the recovery of villages of the so-called “emptied Spain”.

In the Valencian Community, he added, “the coast is sold more than the interior” and with the camper and the motorhome you can access the small towns far from the coast, which show their interest now so that they go to their campsites, overnight areas or authorized parking lots.

The municipalities of these towns, Vaquero points out, are transmitting to them that will to attract the medium-high purchasing power public that motorhome travelers represent since “they spend a lot – between 80 and 100 euros a day – and they give security”, because they are mainly families or senior couples who meet the standards and carry their own household items, their chemical toilet and are not a risk “neither to be contaminated nor to contaminate”.

In addition, ASEICAR has created the “anti covid seal” that guarantees “maximum security” to the client, since it indicates that the methods marked by the Ministry of Health have been used for the disinfection of vehicles and that it guarantees that a motorhome is “totally sanitized “when it is to be rented.

The employers indicate that in the territories that are in phase 1, travelers can already move as long as they do so within their own province, which favors not only the economic reactivation of small towns but also their own knowledge of the environment by the users, who perhaps without restrictions would travel to other autonomous communities or countries.

Motorhome users can now access the overnight points or campsites that have resumed their activity with the capacity and distance restrictions established by the authorities, so, according to Muzzati, “we have to take advantage of this situation and promote a network of Ecological Emptying Points inside the Valencian Community “.

A “minimal” infrastructure that can be carried out for less than 15,000 euros, a cost, in the opinion of the person in charge of Aquarius Caravaning, “ridiculous” compared to the return on a municipality that “these tireless travelers visit the population and consume in local establishments. ”

The Valencian Community, with just 57 municipal infrastructures between areas and car parks, is “still far from other regions, such as Catalonia, where there are 139, Andalusia, with 200 or Galicia, with 177”, Muzzati points out.

Rosabel Tavera


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