July 25, 2021

Sad day at the Sitges Festival

Sad day at the Sitges Festival

In the Sitges Festival there are days of many films and others of few, and those of less are for the emission of pilot episodes of series that are going to be exhibited complete in Netflix and whose information is embargoed the press information until it is not projected In the channel.

The first feature film of the day, "Under the Silver Lake" from David Robert Mitchell, In the city of Los Angeles, which looks like a spider's web because of how big it is, the protagonist looks for a girl he met in his apartment block. A real can and with absolutely inexplicable aspects: the protagonist is bathed with a young lady and a shot kills the girl, we do not know who or why she has pulled the trigger. Of course we start thinking about this, given the general boredom.

Another of the films that could be seen, "Maquia: When The Promised Flower Blooms" from Mari Okada, is an animated feature film with a fantastic plot – therefore, logical – in this festival. But it's a shame to think that 80 years ago "Snow White" by Walt Disney was infinitely better than this Japanese computer.

In the Orbit section I have seen "Galveston" directed by the French woman who, in addition to an actress, I remember her role in "Malditos bastardos" by Quentin Tarantino, is also the director. It has been the best of the day, a road movie in flight plan, it entertains, it has certain surprises but the director does not know how to finish it, hence the sad day.


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