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Sacyr finishes joining the board of the structure of the widest bridge of A. Latina

The Spanish construction company Sacyr finished joining in Barranquilla the board of the structure of the Pumarejo bridge, the widest in Latin America and which is built at the mouth of the Magdalena river, the main Colombian river artery.

"This is the culmination of a very important project, one of the largest we have done in our history as a construction company and in a strategic country in which we feel local and in which we are doing a lot of projects," he told Efe this Friday Miguel Manrique, the president of Sacyr.

The company leads the SES Puente Magdalena consortium, which is also part of the Colombian Esgamo Ingeniería Constructores y cons. and that performs the works of Pumarejo.

The objective of the bridge is to facilitate the mobility of land transport, as well as to improve the navigability of the Magdalena River by allowing ships to access a greater distance upstream.

With the bridge, the widest in Latin America that will allow the navigation of large vessels, it is expected to strengthen the port, industrial and commercial conditions of the area.

The structure will have two roads of three lanes each, 2.2 kilometers in length, one kilometer of viaducts and accesses, 3.2 kilometers of pedestrian platforms and another 3.2 kilometers of bike path.

The name of Alberto Pumarejo was placed in honor of the Barranquilla leader who drove the bridge built in 1974, which officially received the name of former president Laureano Gómez, but was always known by the name of the other politician.

"The new Pumarejo bridge (which will replace the one built in 1974) will be operational in December of this year and that is a cause for celebration because this is an emblematic work and, perhaps, the most important bridge in terms of investment that our country has, "said Colombian President Iván Duque.

To conclude the construction of the bridge, which is already at 92%, it is only necessary to finish the works related to the bike path, platforms, protective barriers in the cable-stayed section, lighting, pedestrian bridges and their accesses, and landscaping.

"It is one of the most important structural works that have been done in the country. We are talking from the bridge, perhaps the most emblematic of our Caribbean coast, which now has a new destination, a new future, a new innovation," added Duque .

On the other hand, Manrique told Efe that Sacyr is currently developing engineering works in Colombia for more than 3,000 million dollars and has plans to participate in the tender for the construction of the first line of the Bogotá Metro.

"In four projects we are investing 3,000 million dollars and we are thinking of other projects such as the Bogotá Metro, hospitals and other transport infrastructure initiatives, where our knowledge can add value," said the executive.

The total cost of the Bogotá Metro will be 11 billion pesos (about 3,196 million dollars today).

The Colombian capital, with almost eight million inhabitants and a poor public transport system, is the only large Latin American city that does not have a subway.

The first line will have 16 stations along 23.9 kilometers, with a capacity to transport 72,000 passengers per hour and direction, which implies more than one million passengers per day.

The construction of the subway is a work that Bogotá has been waiting for for more than half a century, but despite the fact that different mayors have hired technical studies, it has never been carried out.

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