Sabroso and Raluy miss the Handball World Cup final – La Provincia

Sabroso and Raluy miss the Handball World Cup final - La Provincia

The Canarian referee team formed between Ángel Sabroso and Óscar Raluy will not be able to whistle the World Cup finals. Handball between Denmark and Norway tomorrow due to a Sabroso injury. The referee came from the heel of Achilles in the game between the Danes and the Swedes of the first phase. Despite recovery efforts, it was confirmed that he has partial ligament rupture in Achilles tendon, which will have him out of work for two months.

Tasty tried to recover by forced marches to get to the big date on Sunday, but the medical party revealed that his Achilles tendon suffered a partial break. The organization had dropped the arbitration pair that could be chosen to whistle the final on Sunday between Denmark and Sweden. Finally, due to the injury, Sabroso and Raluy can not be the judges of the match.

The teams of Denmark, which won on Friday 38-30 in France, and Norway, which defeated Germany 25-31 in the second semifinal, will play tomorrow (16:30) the final of the World Cup in Germany and Denmark in the Danish town of Herning.

A final in which the Danish team, the only one that counts all its games for triumphs, will try to add a universal title, which already escaped in the three previous occasions -1967, 2011 and 2013- in which it reached the grand final

Neither could the Norwegian team be crowned on the only occasion in which fought for the world title, after falling two years ago by 33-26 against France in the final played in Paris.

Host condition that the Danish team will also try to enforce on Sunday, which prevailed by 30-26 to Norway in the match that both teams played in the first phase of the tournament.


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