Wed. Feb 26th, 2020

Sabina, operated urgently for an intracranial hematoma

The artist, who was admitted to a hospital, hit his head when he fell yesterday in full concert at the Wizink Center

The fall suffered yesterday by Joaquín Sabina at the Wizink Center in Madrid, a faint in the middle of the concert he was offering with Joan Manuel Serrat, is bringing important consequences. After being evacuated from the stadium in a wheelchair, the singer hurt his shoulder, as he fell to the stage pit, and was admitted to a hospital to assess the consequences of the crash.

The fall seems to have caused a blow to the head that in principle would not have been detected and that would have produced an intracranial hematoma that is currently being operated in a hospital in Madrid

Sabina’s health has suffered in recent times and is not the first time she hurts while offering a concert. However, yesterday’s image, collapsing in the middle of the concert, blew all the alarms for their true state of health.

While singing the song “My friends”, the singer, who just turned 71 yesterday, collapsed. The concert he planned to offer in Madrid of the four that were signed, has been postponed to May 22, provided his health allows him to move on.


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