Sabina must pay 2.5 million to the Treasury for copyright

Joaquín Sabina will have to face a millionaire payment to the Treasury. The National Court has dismissed the appeal imposed by the Andalusian singer against a settlement of 2.5 million euros for not having declared his copyright in the years 2008, 2009 and 2010.

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The Tax Agency has received the protection of the magistrates of the Contentious Chamber of the National High Court against Sabina's judicial appeal. On January 27, 2017, the Administrative Economic Court of Madrid also dismissed the claim.

According to the ruling, to which Europa Press has had access, Sabina was a partner or administrator of three family businesses: Ultramarinos Finos, Relatores and El Pan de Mis Niñas, with which he managed real estate in Madrid and Rota, a sailboat, old books and his copyrights. The exploitation of the latter generated more than 12 million euros during the three years that appear in the tax inspection. According to the ruling, Sabina generated them through “holding galas, 'royalties', national record sales, press collaborations, etc”.

Sabina argued in her defense that she had no relationship with any of those companies, from which she tried to disassociate herself. But the magistrates of the AN cite rulings of the Superior Court of Justice of Madrid that declared that point "implausible" and that determined that the singer had a lower taxation than the one that corresponded to him by application of the normal market value, "what would have determined a higher tax rate than the Corporation Tax, and a consequent increase in the income to be charged”.

According to El País, Sabina was advised by the Nummaria law firm in the case of these companies, which has led Ana Duato and Imanol Arias to have criminal proceedings before the National High Court. According to the rules of the Tax Agency, Sabina could transfer his copyright to her company but at a market price, not for free.

In 2014, the Treasury demanded from Sabina the payment of more than four million euros and provisionally seized some of her assets. Specifically, it was 87.45% of the capital of the company Ultramarinos Finos, owned 50% by Sabina and her partner, Jimena Coronado, and prohibited the singer from selling or giving up part of his home in Madrid, his garage in the capital and his house in Rota.

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