Thu. Apr 9th, 2020

Sabina goes to the plant 5 days after being operated after its fall from the stage

Joaquín Sabina was transferred Tuesday to a room on the floor of the Rúber International Hospital in Madrid after he left the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) yesterday, where he was admitted after the surgery to evacuate intracranial hematoma.

The operation was carried out on February 13 and spent six days in the ICU, after what has happened today to a room in plan and its clinical situation “presents a favorable evolution”, the medical center has informed “at the request of the patient”.

The jienense singer suffered a serious fall last Wednesday during a concert at the Wizkink Center in Madrid along with Joan Manuel Serrat.

Sabina fell to the pit from the stage, at an approximate height of 1.70 meters, and suffering from severe pain in the shoulder had to interrupt and postpone his performance.

After the relevant examinations, he was diagnosed as having “left shoulder trauma, thoracic and craniocerebral”, as well as a “small clot” which was operated without complications the next morning.

Already then it was pointed out that the artist would spend “at least” 48 hours in observation due to his clinical history and the various conditions suffered during these years, especially since he suffered a stroke in 2001.



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