September 27, 2020

Sabina, after his fall: “I have hit very hard on the shoulder, it hurts a lot and we have to suspend the concert”

Singer Joaquín Sabina collapsed in full concert at the Wizink Center in Madrid and had to be evacuated by ambulance.

The event took place around 9 pm, 30 minutes after the start of the recital. Sabina was talking at the concert she was giving with Joan Manuel Serrat. While the lights were off, Sabina stopped singing and when the lights went on, she was lying on stage, according to some witnesses consulted by LA REAZÓN. Quickly the assists entered, which in two minutes evacuated him.

To the peace of mind of the spectators, who were with their soul in suspense, they announced by public address that he was conscious. In fact, minutes after the incident, the artist himself has returned to the stage on a wheelchair and has announced that he was fine but that the concert had to be suspended, as he had the shoulder area sore from the fall. He himself has informed the public that the concert is postponed until May 22.

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