Sabadell and the unions sign the ERE that will mean the departure of a minimum of 1,380 workers

Another ERE signed in the Spanish financial sector. Banco Sabadell and the legal representation of the workers have signed this Wednesday the agreement to apply an Employment Regulation File (ERE) that will mean the departure of a minimum of 1,380 employees of the entity. The figure could rise to a maximum of 1,605 employees depending on the voluntary nature, according to the collective dismissal agreement, which CCOO has disseminated on social networks.

Spanish banks pass the European stress tests but Sabadell obtains one of the worst grades on the continent

Spanish banks pass the European stress tests but Sabadell obtains one of the worst grades on the continent

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The maximum of 1,605 workers who can leave the financial institution is equivalent to 10% of the workforce, of which 950 will be in network administrative functions, 400 in commercial functions and 255 in territorial addresses and corporate services. In addition, the possibility of voluntary membership has been included, both in the case of early retirement and terminations, highlights the Europa Press agency.

By provinces, and in relative terms, Barcelona will be where the highest percentage of exits occurs, with 17% of the maximum of 1,605 workers, followed by Alicante, with 12.3%, and Murcia, with almost 8%. In Madrid, they could leave around 6.8% of the employees, and in Valencia 5.7%.

Voluntariness will be the priority criterion to determine which personnel leave the bank. Of course, “as long as the agreed minimum adjustment target of 1,380 people is achieved,” the agency recalls.

The number of people affected by the collective dismissal is less than initially proposed by the bank, out of a total of 1,936 exits proposed by the entity in August. Since then, there have been meetings between unions and Sabadell to overcome the main pitfalls of the ERE, which have been the application of the voluntary criterion and the number of people affected.

On the other hand, the entity has maintained the proposed closure of 320 branches and the conversion of 176 of them into advanced boxes, where ATMs and basic services will continue to operate, explains Europa Press. The entity indicated in early September that 105 branches and 27 conversions had already been closed.

The departures will begin at the end of this year

The agreement indicates that the execution period of the planned measures will be extended until June 30, 2022, although the departures will begin at the end of this year.

Specifically, extinctions, both in the network of offices and servicing as of territorial directions and corporate services, they will take place “in general” between the fourth quarter of 2021 and the first quarter of 2022, as established in the agreement.

“However, there may be people whose employment contract is later terminated and no later than June 30, 2022, for organizational and / or productive reasons,” the text states.

The deadline for voluntarily joining the ERE has been established between October 26 and November 15 at midnight. Sabadell will have a period of fifteen business days to accept or reject the submitted applications. The entity reserves the possibility of rejecting the request in certain cases, such as, for example, exceeding the excess indicated in each province.

The agreement states that, as a subsidiary criterion regarding voluntariness and “only in the event that terminations by voluntary assignment do not exceed the number of 1,380 employment contracts”, the entity “will proceed to the selection of the affected workers until reaching maximum said number of extinctions “.

Certain groups have been excluded from the ERE, such as employees who are 63 years of age or older as of December 31, 2021, as well as workers with fixed-term contracts or who are in a situation of leave of any kind as of August 30, 2021.

This will be the low and early retirement

Regarding the dismissals, the document agreed between the unions and the bank states that people between 55 and 62 years of age on December 31, and with ten years or more seniority, will receive 65% of the annual salary until they are 63 years, with a maximum limit of 280,0000 euros for people from 58 to 62 years old and 300,000 euros for people from 55 to 57 years old.

For the 55-year-old group, a maximum quota of 100 people will be applied, with preference being given to those employees who provide services in the provinces of Alicante and Murcia.

Regarding paid leave, the age has been established for those under 54 years of age, who will be entitled to compensation of 40 days per year worked with a maximum of 30 monthly payments, in addition to various bonuses for years of seniority.

In addition, in the event of voluntary assignment to the termination of the contract, this group will receive an additional compensation of 2,000 euros gross for every three full years of seniority in the bank, in addition to other additional compensation.

Leaves of absence with a duration of three years have been included, which will receive 25% of the annual salary with a readmission of 25 kilometers, with the same salary and professional level and in a position with similar characteristics. In case of not being accepted, the compensation would be in accordance with the measures contemplated in early retirement or leave, according to their age range. For these leaves of absence, there would be a maximum capacity of 75 people.

Functional and geographic mobility

On the other hand, functional mobility will be applied to a maximum of 25 kilometers around the last work center assigned to the employee, while forced geographical mobility, if relocation within a radius of 25 km is not possible, a concentric circles criterion by which the limit of five will be expanded by five kilometers until a center with vacancies is found.

In the case of transfers without change of address, the entity will pay compensation for mileage for the duration of the transfer and, at most, for three years from the date it began.

On the other hand, if there is a change of residence, the bank will pay a single payment of 7,000 gross euros plus 7,000 gross euros per month during the three years following the transfer. For this measure there is a maximum capacity of 50 people.

The agreement also includes a relocation plan through RigthManagement, a specialized company of the Manpower group. The objective of the program promoted by the entity will be to relocate 100% of the people who adhere to the plan.


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