Ryanair will not have to compensate its passengers for cancellations of the strike



A court in Barcelona has exonerated Ryanair to compensate economically those passengers whose flights have been canceled due to an internal strike, to understand that it is "extraordinary circumstances" that are beyond the control of the company.

The Irish airline has celebrated this ruling, which comes after other courts of Badajoz, Ourense and Pontevedra have pronounced similarly.

In this case, the plaintiffs are Jonatan Pineda and Noelia Godoy, two passengers of Ryanair who on April 1 had to fly from Oporto (Portugal) to Barcelona but suffered the cancellation of their flight because of the strike called by the personnel of cabin crew of the airline in Portugal.

The couple, who finally He chose to buy tickets with another company to reach his destination, sued Ryanair and claim compensation of 500 euros for the damages caused.

Ryanair, however, opposed this claim alleging that the cancellation was due to "extraordinary circumstances", such as an internal strike, which means not having to pay economic compensation.

Ryanair, in addition, emphasizes in its defense that it fulfilled all the obligations before this type of situations, because it communicated to the affected ones by means of electronic mail the cancellation of the flight, it offered the possible alternatives to them and it reimbursed to them the cost of the tickets.

In the ruling, Judge Francisco J. Fernández, of the Mercantile Court number 6 of Barcelona, ​​recalls that extraordinary circumstances may occur in "cases of political instability, weather conditions incompatible with the performance of the flight, security risks, deficiencies unexpected in the security of the flight and strikes that affect the operations ", as it is the case of Ryanair.

The judge also considers that the airline has proven that the strike was called and authorized by the administrations and that it took "all reasonable measures to avoid its consequences".

It is because of that dismisses the claim and exonerates Ryanair from payment of compensation. The judgment is final and there is no recourse against it.


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