April 11, 2021

Ryanair will compensate passengers if there are delays or find cheaper flights

Ryanair will compensate passengers if there are delays or find cheaper flights


Irish low-cost airline Ryanair has announced new more favorable conditions for its customers among which it highlights compensations in case of delays or to find cheaper flights, possibility of rectification of reservations in 48 hours without penalty, as well as flat rates for frequent clients. Ryanair has presented a series of improvements in its customer service which promises 'More options, cheaper rates and better service' to its 152 million customers. If customers find an airline with lower fares in three hours after purchasing their ticket, Ryanair will refund the difference and an additional 5 euros for other flights in their My Ryanair account.

In addition, lthe company is committed to maintaining the rate of punctuality of its flights by 90% each month (excluding delays caused by air traffic control). Otherwise, it will offer a 5% discount on the air fares of the following month.

With regard to customer service, he is committed to processing EU261 claims in a maximum of 10 days thanks to a new specialized team with 24-hour service available seven days a week and with a response within two minutes. To that is added a term of 48 to make changes to tickets already purchased. With the new policy, the client will have two days to rectify errors, change the reservation to another name, add luggage or modify the seat, although the flight schedule can not be changed.

The other novel measure, and with which you want to reward the fidelity of the frequent passenger, is the creation of a kind of flat rate in which, for 199 euros a year, you can always fly with free seats, fast access in the security control (fast-track) and priority boarding.

Among the digital improvements, the company presents a new rate search, tickets for sporting events, customized travel guides and improvements to the mobile application.

Regarding its commitment to the environment, the Irish airline announced that in the month of April will receive the new Max plane, a new model of more sustainable aircraft equipped with more modern interiors, more legroom and with extra seats. It has also committed to start a carbon footprint compensation program and the total elimination of plastics in its operations in five years.


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