Ryanair urges its workers to call off "senseless" strikes - La Provincia

Ryanairhas requested the Spanish unions of tUSO and SITCPLA cabin drivers, and pilots, SEPLA, whatUnvoke "senseless" strikesplanned for September. According to the airline, "these stoppages have no other purpose thanalter travel plansof our clients and their familiesduring the return of the summer holidays ".

In an official statement, Ryanair says that"the closing of the winter bases in the Canary Islands is an irreversible factthat is due to the delay in the delivery of the new fleet, since Ryanair will have 30 Boeing 737 planes less than planned for this winter. ""This has forced us to announce the closure of some deficit winter basesor the reduction in the number of planes in others, a difficult decision that has affected various bases this winter, both in Spain and in eight other markets. "

"Bases such as those located in the Canary Islands generate large losses during the winter season",says the company, because "almost all of its traffic originates abroad, so it can be serviced by airplanes based in other EU countries, without the high costs and inefficiency resulting from basing airplanes and crew in the Canary Islands during the period from November to March ".

Flights canceled

Ryanair expects to cancel less than eight of its more than 950 daily flights to and from Spain, both Sunday 1 and Monday 2 September,thanks to the great work of the great majority of our Spanish pilots and cabin crew who "have already confirmed that they will operate according to their planned schedule or volunteer to work on their days off, in order not to alter the travel plans of our clients and their families in September. This way they will avoid even more job losses and cuts in Spain this winter. "

All passengers of the six flights canceled on Sunday September 1 and the eight canceled on Monday September 2have already received email notifications or SMS text messagesto inform them of your options, wellA flight change for free or a full refund.

"Ryanair asks these Spanish unions to call off these pointless strikes that are doomed to fail, because the closure is irreversible in those winter bases in losses until the delays in the delivery of Boeing MAX aircraft are resolved.Summoning such strikes just eight weeks from Brexit is an act of irresponsibility by these unions ", concludes the airline.


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