April 22, 2021

Ryanair softens: it will give 48 hours to the passenger to rectify his reservation without charging him a penalty | Economy

Ryanair softens: it will give 48 hours to the passenger to rectify his reservation without charging him a penalty | Economy

Ryanair today announced a series of measures to improve its customer service and smooth out the image of the airline that mistreats the passenger. These measures include the granting of a 48-hour "grace period" to the client so that he can make changes in the reserves due to errors or expansion of services without any additional charge.

An almost revolutionary step for the Irish low cost company that, until now, was very strict with the reservation system and, once formalized through the Internet, did not allow any change or applied heavy penalties even in such minute details as a mistake when filling in the passenger's data. With the new policy, the client will have two days to rectify errors, change the reservation to another name, add luggage or modify the seat, although the flight schedule can not be changed.

The other more novel measure, and with which one wants to differentiate from other airlines low cost and reward the loyalty of the most frequent passenger, is the creation of a kind of flat rate (fare New Choice) in which, for 199 euros a year, you can always fly with free seats, quick access in security control (fast-track) and priority boarding.

The other improvements go further in the line that the company has been applying to improve its web booking system and maintain punctuality and lower rates. Among them, is to ensure that if a customer finds a cheaper rate for the same route in another company in a period of three hours from the reservation, you will be refunded the difference plus 5 euros in your My Ryanair account.

The company is committed to maintaining the rate of punctuality of its flights by 90% each month (excluding delays caused by air traffic control) and, if not achieved, will offer a 5% discount on air fares the following month for all passengers.

Likewise, it undertakes to process the claims that it guarantees the European regulation of passenger rights for delays and cancellations (EU261) in a maximum of 10 days thanks to a new specialized team, attention available 24 hours 7 days a week, ensuring the response within two minutes.

The airline remembers that thanks to its new Boeing B737 MAX aircraft with which it will renew its fleet from April, passengers will have more space for legs and extra seats. It also undertakes to eliminate all plastic containers in its service on board.

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The implementation of these measures occurs just when the airline is passing through delicate times. The strikes of pilots and crew have caused considerable damage to the Irish airline both in the accounts (in the last quarter it went into losses) as in image, with thousands of passengers affected by cancellations and delays.

In addition, its customers have been affected by the new restrictive luggage policy by which the Irish airline de facto forces passengers to scratch their pockets if they want to carry luggage, even a small hand luggage, which until then was free. From November 1 only allows carrying a bag, a briefcase or a small backpack, but the suitcases of classic measures (55x40x20) have to pay between six and eight euros, depending on the class hired.

This change in the strict customer service policy also has to do with the decision adopted by the airline's last board. to steer its CEO, Michael O'Leary, away from his current day-to-day company management duties, in which he has championed the hard line.


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