May 14, 2021

Ryanair says he acted with "urgency" and "seriousness" in the racist incident

Ryanair says he acted with "urgency" and "seriousness" in the racist incident

The Irish airline Ryanair defended today its management of the alleged racist incident involving a passenger against a black woman on a flight between Barcelona and London Stansted, saying that he approached it with "the appropriate urgency and seriousness".

The low-cost company issued a statement today to "clarify facts" and avoid "more" "incorrect or unfounded" information in the media, after receiving criticism for this matter, which is being investigated, he recalled, by the Spanish police and British

The event occurred on the 19th and was recorded by a passenger on board the plane, although Ryanair said today that "only was aware" of the existence of that video the next day, "and in the afternoon."

By then, the video in question had spread widely on social networks, generating a great controversy not only for the verbal abuse in English that David Mesher directs to Delsie Gayle, 77, but also for the reaction of the cabin crew .

The video shows Ryanair's flight attendants asking the alleged aggressor not to be "rude" and to calm down, while other passengers plead for him to be immediately expelled from the aircraft that operated flight FR015, which did not happen .

"Ryanair immediately reported this video, and about the racist abuse, to the Essex Police at the Stansted airport at 09:00 hours on Sunday, October 21. We delivered a copy of the video to the Police, and relevant details of the two passengers. involved, "explained the airline, which does not name them for reasons of" data protection "and not to" compromise "the investigation.

According to Ryanair, "this immediate action" refutes the "false claims" that there was not a "quick or appropriate response to this video".

The company also indicated that the Spanish cabin crew "were aware" that there was an "argument between these two passengers during the boarding process", but "they did not know, because they were not present then, that the passenger directed racist comments against the passenger".

The flight attendants did not watch the content of the video until someone showed it to them "after landing in Stansted," Ryanair said, noting that their workers "followed the established procedure" to address discussions on board.

"In this case," she continued, "the passenger was relocated, at her request, to a seat next to her daughter, who was also traveling on that flight (…) and after noting that the two passengers said they were OK, she took it for granted. settled the matter. "

As a result, the alleged aggressor was not expelled and the commander of the aircraft or the security services at the Barcelona airport was not informed, Ryanair said.

"Again, we want to offer our sincerest apologies to this passenger for the unacceptable and regrettable comments made by an adjacent passenger, and we believe that after immediately informing the Police and apologizing in writing to this client soon on Sunday morning, Ryanair has addressed this issue with the appropriate urgency and seriousness, "concluded its director of communications, Robin Kiely.


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