July 29, 2021

Ryanair says goodbye to the crew that posted a fake photo to denounce their working conditions

Ryanair says goodbye to the crew that posted a fake photo to denounce their working conditions


The Irish airline Ryanair has fired cabin crew that appear in a photograph allegedly sleeping on the floor of Malaga airport to denounce their working conditions, as confirmed by a spokesman for the low-cost company.

The snapshot It was taken at dawn on October 14 and shows six assistants lying on the floor of a rest area for flight personnel, after the plane in which they were traveling to Porto (Portugal) was diverted to Malaga for the wrong weather.

The photograph spread quickly through social networks and generated harsh criticism of Ryanair, who counterattacked shortly after spreading images of the airport's closed circuit television to show that the scene was "ready".

The six dismissed, that were part of a group of eight pilots and 16 crew members of cabins based in Portugal, they assured that they had to spend the night in the aforementioned rest room because the airline told them that there were no rooms available in the hotels in the area.

Bad behavior

"The six members of the Oporto cabin crew were dismissed on Monday, November 5 for breach of contract and misconduct, after preparing a false photograph to support the false claim that they wereforced them to sleep on the ground '", a spokesperson for Ryanair.

The source stressed that this behavior has damaged the "reputation" of the airline and has caused "the irreparable breakdown of their trust in these six people." After posting on his Twitter account the images preparing the snapshot, Ryanair said that "no one of the crew slept on the floor."

"The crew spent a short period of time in the staff room before they were transferred to a VIP room, and they returned to Porto daily following", explained the airline, the European leader in the economy flight sector.

The Portuguese unions have argued that the workers remained in the rest room between 01.30 and 06.00 local time without access to food, drink or seats, until they were installed in the VIP room.


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