Ryanair reviews its profit upwards in the week it closes its bases in the Islands - La Provincia

RyanairIt raised its profit forecast yesterday, which resulted in a sharp rise of 7.9% on the London Stock Exchange. The revision of the growth of the margins, up to a value between 950 and 1,050 million euros, is motivated by a Christmas period - between Christmas Eve and New Year - more positive than expected. The good news for the company coincides in time with the worst for the 325 dismissed by the closure of the three bases that had in the Archipelago.

The inner fork placed the profit between 800 and 900 million euros for the year, which ends in March. Thelow costIrish has received 1% more reserves than expected for the fourth quarter. As for traffic, they have raised the forecast of 153 to 154 million passengers transported.

However, Laudamotion, an Austrian subsidiary of Ryanair, continues to perform less than expected despite the growth in traffic and the high load factors recorded by this airline. The company blames this poor performance of Laudamotion on strong competition with Lufthansa subsidiaries, both in Germany and Austria, which "sell below the cost price."

Until March of this 2020, this airline is expected to transport 6.5 million passengers, but with prices 15 euros on average lower than those established in the budgets. This will cause Lauda's net deficit for the year to increase from the planned 80 million euros to the 90 million euros.


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