Ryanair pilots agree to cut their salary by 20% to keep their jobs

The pilots of the Irish airline Ryanair have finally agreed to cut their pay in exchange for keeping their jobs for the next “four years”. The multinational had announced its intention to apply layoffs in Spain as well as salary cuts. The Sepla pilots union reported on Tuesday the agreement with the company, endorsed by “more than 80%” of the union members who participated in the vote, which “reduces the pilots’ salary by 20%” to change of commitment to keep jobs.

The Labor Inspectorate proposes to fine Ryanair for 26 labor offenses in strikes by the ERE in Spain

The Labor Inspectorate proposes to fine Ryanair for 26 labor offenses in strikes by the ERE in Spain

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The pilots union emphasizes that “Ryanair’s commitment to maintaining all jobs begins” after the company raised the cut of “more than 250 pilots” in Spain. In return, the pilots “have access to a 20% pay cut on their base salary,” confirms Sepla. Union sources point out to elDiario.es that the pact “includes a progressive recovery of salary from 2022, until recovering 100% of the current salary in 2024. Specifically, in 2022 they will recover 6%, in 2023 another 6% and in 2024 the remaining 8% “.

The pilots organization reports that Ryanair has also committed “to continue the path of negotiation between the parties until reaching a collective agreement agreement”, stuck despite the fact that the airline agreed at the end of 2018 to negotiate it. “In addition, the text states that the ERTE figure will be used through extended formulas for reductions in working hours, so that the existing work is distributed equitably among the entire group,” adds the statement from Sepla.

The union recalls, despite numerous court victories and administrative charges against Ryanair for its labor offenses, the union section of Sepla considers that “the exceptionality of the situation caused by COVID-19 forces the resolution of conflicts to be reached through agreements between workers and the company.”

No agreement with the cabin crew

Unlike the pilots, the conflict over the cabin crew’s working conditions in Spain continues. In his case, Ryanair informed the USO and Sitcpla unions in May of the intention to fire “351 cabin crew” in the country, in addition to applying salary reductions, as both organizations explained to this medium.

The Spanish unions did not reach an agreement with the airline in the negotiation period. The substantial modification of working conditions as of August 1 supposes “a salary reduction of up to 1,400 euros per year, the suspension of the productivity bonus of 1,800 euros per year, the reduction of working hours and the practically total loss of sales on board “, according to USO.

USO and Sictpla sources explain to elDiario.es that both unions have challenged the new staff conditions. While acknowledging the difficult situation in the aviation sector, workers’ organizations consider these measures “unjustified”, which in their opinion lead to “precariousness” for many workers.

Ryanair is a constant protagonist of labor disputes and in recent months it has been persecuted for several infractions by the Administration and the justice. The Ministry of Labor has recently annulled the ERTE due to force majeure that applied to some 200 workers, which the Labor Inspectorate considered a “fraud” to try to save the payment of wages and social contributions of workers that the National Court forced to readmit last April, when it annulled the collective dismissal applied by the airline in Spain.


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