Ryanair must comply with 57% of international flights in the strikes next week | Economy

Ryanair must comply with 57% of international flights in the strikes next week | Economy

The Ministry of Development has set this Friday the minimum services that Ryanair must fulfill during the three days of strike that his workers in Spain have set for the next week. These have been established in 100% of flights with take-off planned before the start of stoppages, although their landing occurs afterwards, as well as in all domestic routes with island airports (Balearic Islands or Canary Islands). 57% of international flights and the same percentage of domestic flights must also be made when joining cities whose distance by public alternative means is greater than five hours. If the displacement is less than those five hours, Ryanair it must guarantee only 35% of flights on those routes.

These are practically traced measures (then the percentage for international flights was 59%) to which the Ministry already ordered in the strikes that workers of the Irish airline convened in July and September of last year. On this occasion, Ryanair cabin crew members have been called by USO and Sitcpla unions to support three stops: Tuesday 8, Thursday 10 and Sunday 13 January.

The organizers of the strike demand Ryanair to hire their cabin staff in Spain in accordance with Spanish labor legislation, and not the Irish as it currently happens. The airline already reached an agreement with the pilots, which also played a role in the previous strikes, so that those who wish to do so adapt their contracts to national legislation before the 31st of this month. With cabin crew, however, negotiations are still pending.

In his communication, the department headed by José Luis Ábalos recalls that "Ryanair is the company that carries more passengers in the Spanish market, with an offer that exceeds 400 routes." Based on information from the company, it figures the cabin staff based in Spain on "about 1,900 workers".


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