July 10, 2020

Ryanair leaves at least three fissure planes grounded between the wing and the fuselage




The problems accumulate to Boeing and not only because of the known 737 MAX. Now, the British newspaper "The Guardian", reported exclusively that at least three devices of the Model 737 NG used by the low cost airline Ryanair have remained on the ground as a result of problems with fissures between the wing and the fuselage, which would have their origin in aerodynamic pressures and forces.

One more chapter in a crisis that has already affected other airlines as of October 3 Qantas, Korean Air or the American Southwest, although both have not confirmed the number of affected devices. In any case, the Irish low cost has explained in statements to AFP that "it already inspects more than 70 of its oldest aircraft fully observing the navigability directive of the US Federal Aviation Agency" and has argued that its index of problems discovered is «Lower than the sectoral average of 5% recently confirmed by Boeing ». All this, they have added since the airline has been made at their initiative.

In this regard, "The Guardian" has specified that the devices that have been grounded have more than 15 years of life and, two of them, are in the workshops of Victorville Airport in California and, a third, at the Stansted airfield in London.

It happens that Ryanair is the company that uses the 737 NG more, with more than 450 devices Boeing 737-800. In this line, he has assured that "they will finish inspecting the rest of their fleet" to know the exact number of cracks and "whether or not there will be consequences on our flights."

According to figures of the American manufacturer, the 737 NG pass for being the predecessors of the controversial 737 MAX. Organized in three versions (737-700, 737-800 and 737-900 from 126 to 2220 seats) 6,162 devices have been produced since its launch in the mid-1990s.

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