Ryanair grows in Santiago after the dismissals of the Canary Islands

The 200 workers laid off on the islands reiterate that this and other base openings demonstrate the invalidity of the airline's ERE

Ryanair will expand the base of Santiago de Compostela from June 1 with the incorporation of a second plane, which has caused the "outrage" among the more than 200 workers laid off by the airline in the Canary Islands on January 8, as denounced by unions. USO has criticized, although the company justified its closure in the Canary Islands due to the lack of airplanes and delays in the delivery of the Boeing 737 MAX, just a few weeks after the withdrawal of 9 devices from the islands, the airline announced the opening of a base in Vienna with 4 planes since March, which now adds to the extension of the Santiago de Compostela base with the incorporation of a new plane. "In the dismissal letters they tell us that they have no vacancies in Spain for us, that they have an excess of staff and yet every week we wake up with information that makes us suspect that, perhaps, behind the closure in the Canary Islands there are other reasons" , denounced the Secretary of Organization of USO-Ryanair, Jairo Gonzalo. The USO legal team is collecting all the information in this new announcement from Ryanair in order to bring it to the nullity trial that will be held on March 10 at the National Court. "We are convinced to win, all this documentation together with the labor inspection report reinforce our arguments, the company has not justified the reasons for the ERE and the justifications given in the file fall month by month," said Gonzalo. In addition, from the union they have denounced that this announcement of expansion of the Santiago de Compostela base, which will lead to an increase in workforce, comes after knowing the economic results of the airline in its third quarter in which it reported more than 88 million Benefits.


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